The solutions being prototyped and validated rapidly are:


    INDVENTR100 A BVM based automated resuscitator. Supports a range of ventilation modes & features. Displays real-time waveforms, statistics and configurable Alarms. Comes bundled with a web application for remote/central monitoring. A custom breathing circuit is recommended to reduce dead-space ventilation.


    INDVENTR200 A feature-rich pneumatic design. Operates on external compressed air and oxygen. Supports volume control, pressure control, pressure support, high flow oxygen therapy and other non invasive modes. Displays dynamic loops in addition to real-time waveforms, statistics and configurable alarms. Takes into consideration patient triggering and dynamic adjustments based on lung compliance, and airway resistance. Supports realtime remote monitoring.

  • iSAVE: Ventilator Sharing Solution

    iSAVE: Ventilator Sharing Solution The Individualised System for Augmenting Ventilator Efficacy (iSAVE). Serves more patients per ventilator simultaneously. Rigorously validated design. Low cost of ownership and easy to use. Assemble in less than 10 mins. Patient-specific volume and pressure control. Alarms and measures to mitigate cross-Contamination Between Patients. Accommodates Changes due to Sudden Patient Improvement or Deterioration. Get your investments in ventilators to do more for you

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Our BVM based design INDVENTR100 leverages the MIT's e-vent design and specs to ensure quick, efficient and safe deployment of the solution.


INDVENTR solutions are created by a multi-disciplinary team with many decades of expertise in Healthcare and Engineering, specifically Robotics, 3D Printing, Embedded system, Application software, IOT and AI.


Objective of this consortium is to create innovative and affordable ventilation solutions for the developing world. Our target is to manufacture the designs in India and make the devices available for below $100(INDVENTR100) and $1000(INDVENTR200) price range.

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  • INDVENTR devices can be connected via WiFi or Bluetooth - to a mobile device or cloud - to control, monitor and analyse the status of the patients.


  • The global pandemic COVID-19 is spreading to several millions around the world.
  • Projections for India are in several millions, depending on the success of the ongoing efforts to flatten the curve.
  • The global mortality rate for COVD-19 is more than 6%. Around 20% patients require hospitalisation.
  • COVID-19 is known to trigger Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) like condition.
  • Such patients require ventilator support during treatment.
  • Due to the scale of the pandemic, hospitals and care-providers world over are struggling to meet the surge in need for ventilators.
  • India has got today around 50k ventilators and the immediate need could be in several lakhs.

IndVentr is a collaborative effort to address a part of this gap


  • India always had the demand-supply gap due to the affordability factor.
  • The situation is same across other developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America.
  • COVID-19 is forcing the world to strengthen their healthcare systems and prepare for future epidemics.
  • An affordable, state of the art ventilator will be a major part of that drive.
IndVentr is a consortium of following startups


Apart from the above consortium members, we will also collaborate with other medical, technical and volunteering teams for design, validation and deployment. Supported by


  • Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat
  • Director - Aruvii
  • M-Tech and PHD in Intelligent control, IIT Madras
    Associate Professor, National University Singapore
  • AI, Robotics
  • Entrepreneur (Singapore, India)
  • Social Enterprise — Grama Samskrithy, AIT Palakkad
  • Editor-in-Chief - Springer Reference book on Humanoid Robotics
  • Editor-in-Chief - Springer Journal of Frugal Innovation (2011-16)
  • Associate Editor - International Journal of Humanoid Robotics
  • General Secretary - Federation of Int. RoboSoccer Association (FIRA)
  • Resource Person - Igniting Minds, Vijyana Bharathi, India
  • President - FIRA India Robotics Association
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  • Silji Abraham
  • SVP & Chief Digital and Transformation Officer at West Pharmaceutical Services
  • MBA in international business operations from Lawrence Technological University, Masters Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University and B-Tech from Madurai Kamaraj University
  • Social Enterprise- Founder of Share Your Fortune
  • Former Executive Vice president and CIO Life Science Business at Merck KGaA, Damstadt, Germany
  • + Expert in life science, medical and healthcare systems and digitization.
  • + Served in various senior leadership positions in multinational corporations across automotive, industrial automation, life science and healthcare over the last 20 years.
  • + Known in the industry for building sustainable high-performance teams at scale with long lasting positive impact.
  • + Global perspective and extensive knowledge and experience in digital health platforms.
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  • Ramamurthy Pachaiyappan
  • M-Tech from College of Engineering Guindy.
  • Former Practice Manager - Infosys
    Consultant for various startups
    Former scientist at National Informatics Centre
  • +25 years in IT industry
  • + Held various technology and business positions in Infosys
  • + Implemented Finacle Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Digital Commerce products at various large clients across the world
  • + Currently mentoring various startups in Fintech and Network Security domain.
  • + Global perspective and extensive knowledge and experience in Finance, Banking, and Capital markets
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  • Prakash Bare
  • M-Tech Micro Electronics IIT Kanpur
  • Founder, Head of IP Business - GDA Technologies
    Former Managing Director - Rambus
    Director - Simelabs
  • IC and System design, CAD
  • Entrepreneur (India, U.S.)
  • Social Enterprise — Share Your Fortune
  • + 15 Years in Silicon Valley, California
  • + Co-Founded one of the pioneer in Electronic Design Services(EDS) companies - GDA Technologies
  • + Held various technology and business positions in electronics design industry in the US and India.
  • + Global perspective and extensive knowledge and experience in enterprise mobility, strategy, business and IT consulting
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Research & Implementation Leaders To Partner With You

  • S. Thomas
  • MD & CEO - Digital Core Technologies
  • Design & Development, Embedded Systems Product Design, R&D, Consulting
  • Regan Francis
  • Founder & CEO - lonic3DP Ventures
  • 3D Printing, Firmware & Software, R&D, Precision Controls
  • Tom Antony
  • Co-Founder & CTO - Simelabs
  • Solutions Architect, BFSI, eComm, Digital, Mobility, loT, Cloud
  • Sowji Kurian
  • VP- AI/ML & Big Data - Simelabs
  • Solutions Architect, Data Science, Banking & Capital Markets, Pharma & Retail businesses.
  • Vinoy Vishnu V.
  • Data Scientist - Aruvii
  • Machine Vision, AI-ML, Deep Learning, loT, Automation, Block-Chain
  • Greaton JoJo
  • Operations & R&D Head - Ionic3DP Ventures
  • Robotics, 3D Printing, Design for Manufacturing Precision Controls, Automation R&D

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